From Pride NYC June 27 2010
From Pride NYC June 27 2010

“Are you a woman?” was actually the prevailing question for me at Pride NYC this past Sunday, June 27th.

It was my first time participating, and it was so much fun!!

I had the pleasure of going with my friend and hairdresser (who is responsible for my fabulous highlights!), Fernando Javier Valencia.

I’m not gay, but I really liked the idea of liberation that was a major theme of the day. I personally identified with this theme of liberation by dancing joyfully down the street with child-like abandon after 7 months of an icy winter and teaching and practicing choreography and routines inside studios for most of the year!

From another perspective, it was a street performance, free and open to the public — a nice thing given the state of our economy (speaking of which, I heard the parade route was shortened due to city budget cuts that didn’t allow for as much law enforcement as necessary for the longer route).

Some people may have thought I was a man in drag, a transvestite, or a lesbian in a samba costume. I suspect most thought I was a man in drag. Whatever their perception was, the reaction from onlookers and participants was overwhelmingly positive, supportive, and very often one of giddy surprise or shock. A lot of people requested photos. I believe they were awestruck by the costume and my exuberantly happy energy.

I kind of felt like I had crashed a party to tell you the truth! But my sexual identity didn’t matter to the Peruvian group I paraded with (which included people from Venezuela and other countries as well); they appreciated that I brought positive energy and non-stop dancing(!) to their group. I was happy to be part of this parade for human rights.

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