Main Stage at Brazilian Day 2012: Brazilian Country and Dance Pop

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Latino and Jorge e Mateus Brazil Day 2012

One of the main attractions at Brazilian Day is the main stage where major Brazilian artists perform for the throngs of green, yellow and blue clad fans. This year it’s Sertanejo super duo Jorge & Mateus and dance/pop star Latino. If you like large crowds and live concerts I recommend you go, even if you don’t know Portuguese or know these artists. The energy is sure to be electric and unlike anything you’ve experienced!

Jorge e Mateus is one of the most popular groups making Música Sertaneja, Brazilian country music. Sertaneja is the genre most played on Brazilian radio. Jorge e Mateus have released 2 gold and 2 platinum albums since 2007 on the Universal Music label. They sing a lot about romantic love and heartbreak. As you can see from the video they draw crowds of tens of thousands and are well-loved in Brazil. “Pode Chorar” (2009, Universal Music Ltda), Portuguese for “you can cry” is one of their major hits, about the end of a love affair. They sing that it’s now the other’s turn to cry since he’s cried over her already.
Apparently Jorge and Mateus also have a social conscience; they recently donated the entire proceeds of a sold-out concert, over US$183,000, to a cancer hospital (“Jorge e Mateus batem o recorde do ano e doam cachê em Barretos“, August 26, 2012,

Jorge e Mateus Official Website

You’ve probably heard at least one version of “Dança Kuduro”. This one by Latino featuring Daddy Kall is a version of French-Portuguese singer/songwriter/producer Lucenzo’s 2010 dance hit “Vem Dançar Kuduro”, which became popular in many European countries. There are several versions of the song including one  with Lucenzo and Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Don Omar, and artist Pitbull. Kuduro is a music and dance style from Angola. Latino’s “Dança Kuduro” was released earlier this year on Universal Music.

Latino’s music career has spanned 2 decades and included the release of 9 commercially successful albums, hosting Brazil’s Sábado Show and producing for other recording artists.

Latino Official Website

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