Brazilian Music Day is September 7, 2012

Everyone knows about the Brazilian Day Festival, but what about Brazilian Music Day? Brazilian Music Day is an online and live event offering thousands of links, videos, radio programs, historical essays, galleries, databases and discographies celebrating Brazilian music and culture.

The Brazilian
Music Day website will post/host 20,000 albums, 5000 links, 3000 videos, essays, broadcasts and more.
There will also be a major seminar at Columbia University and dozens of concerts. For a list of Brazilian Music Day events, click here. will remain active as an online resource to make this culturally significant body of work readily available to people around the globe for study and enjoyment.

Brazilian World Music Day is a project of the ARChive of Contemporary Music, the largest collection of popular music in the United States. It is a non-profit archive, music library and research center located in New York City.

Check out Brazilian Music Day’s YouTube Channel.
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