Catching Flies "Quiet Nights"

Catching Flies DID IT with this track and I love it soo much. He flipped the classic bossa nova and jazz standard \”Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado),\” written in Portuguese by Tom Jobim and English by Gene Lees. Astrud Gilberto sings the vocals, which have been slowed a bit for this song and I don\’t mind at all.
I love how this track still has that melancholic feeling of the original, yet in an \”updated\” way: a bit more echo on the vocals and a bass line that is just enough without overpowering. I love how the guitar riff has a folksy feel, it doesn\’t tire–not sure if it\’s a sample as well. Either way, I\’m digging it. Then piano also appears, taking the aural journey further into the dream realm and reminding me of the sweetly played piano throughout the album on which I first heard the original song, Getz/Gilberto (1963). Enjoy (pssst, there\’s a free download of Catching Flies\’ \”Quiet Nights\”, get it!).

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