Someone once said my samba show was ‘cute’. I proceeded to unfollow them on all social media.

Someone once said to me in real life that my samba performance was “cute”. I said ‘thanks!’ and proceeded to unfollow said someone on all social media.

Cute. Practicing for hours outside of class for years until I got my first samba gig. And continuing to study, adding ballet, Afro Brazilian, vogue and several other types of dance to my repertoire so that I could really consider myself a “dancer.” Studying samba videos, studying with every Brazilian I could get my hands on. Suffering through Dunham Technique with Ned Williams so I could get stronger. But my samba is ‘cute’. Cute??!!!!!!??? WTF do you mean cute?!! I lived in Brazil, I learned to speak Portuguese. I play several Brazilian percussion instruments. I studied the history of samba and various sub genres of samba and rhythms. I’ve taught samba dance for years. But this is ‘cute’. Does this look like a game, people?!!? I put in honest work to make my performance authentic, beautiful and real. After 10 years in the game, I feel like I can honestly say, eu sou o samba: I am samba. Everyone who sees me dance says it’s obvious that what sets me apart is, I love this! Cute is a puppy or a kitten. Cute is the dude at the coffee shop you have a crush on. Your outfit at work today is cute. My samba is LIFE.

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