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Playlist: Warm-Up

The tracks you’ll hear during the warm-up in my samba dance classes. You can find most if not all of these on iTunes. Enjoy!

“Já É” Jeito Moleque (download)
“Coração Radiante” Grupo Revelação (download)
“Sou Negrão” Rappin’ Hood (download)
“Sunday Bloody Sunday” Grupo Sambô (download)
“Água de Côco” Marcos Valle (download)
“Zagueiro / Umbabarauma (Ponta de lança africano)” Jorge Ben (download)
“Charles Anjo 45 / Caramba / Galileu da Galiléia / Cadê Tereza? / Miudinho” Jorge Ben (download)
“Chorando Saudade” Banda Eva (download)
“Ai, Ai, Ai” Vanessa da Mata (download)
“A Galera” Ivete Sangalo (download)

"Futebol" – Naná Vasconcelos


\”Futebol\” by Naná Vasconcelos.

Heard this track in a Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast while looking for new music for choreographing.

Dancing to it in my samba classes for the next few weeks.

\”Não deixe o futebol perder a dança…\”/don\’t let soccer lose its dance…

Download Futebol

Music Recommendations

Here are some favorites I use in my dance classes. I believe all these artists and tracks are easy to find online. Artist names appear on the right:

“Carolina” by Seu Jorge
“Pega Eu” by Bezerra da Silva
“Love Love” by Toty Gira
“Abertura do Jogo” by Os Batuqueiros
“Aquarela Brasileira” by G.R.E.S. Imperio Serrano

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