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Vintage Brazilian Funk Favorite: Copa 7 “De Repente” (1979)

One of my favorite samba rock/funk cuts ever. I love putting people onto this, especially other DJ’s ;). Oh, and I love it for dancing, too, of course. The swing, the horn arrangement, the organ. It’s everything. I often miss hearing this in Brazilian funk and soul sets, but apparently it is a rare record. Fun fact: one of Copa 7’s band members, guitarist and composer Dionisio Santos (RIP), was based in NYC for some time. Enjoy!

The Soul of Black Brazil (2004)


I realized some people may be coming to this site from Discogs….I’m not so sure you’re interested in the new music and artists I’ve posted about lately, I figure you’re into Brazilian funk from the 1960’s and 1970’s…I love that stuff, don’t get me wrong. But I’m restless by nature and there’s so much good music to explore throughout the “Brazilian Diaspora” and Lusophone world, that I can’t just focus on that genre and time in this blog.

If you’re looking for specialists, check out DJ Greg Caz, DJ Questlove’s dedicated set (April 2020), Epic Vinyls from Brazil (they also did a special Afro Brazil Orixa mixtape series that is dope), Mayer Hawthorne’s Christmas Caipirinhas mix, and “The Soul of Black Brazil“, a podcast from Afropop Worldwide that first aired in 2004.