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The Busy Twist: London Luanda Remix Series

Spring is coming eventually, may as well get warmed up! London duo The Busy Twist’s dancefloor remixes of 1960’s and 70’s folk music from Luanda, culled from the Analog Africa catalog. I don’t know how this spring and summer are going to pan out, but this would definitely be a vibe at a post-pandemic outdoor party somewhere in Brooklyn, no? 😉

Saravah Soul

Found this on baixafunda, an excellent music blog (in Portuguese)
Brazilian rhythms meet afrobeat, funk, & soul! (I only had time to put a few of my favorite tracks up so far).

“Exploding out of the rich cultural melting-pot of London’s underground music scene comes the half-Brazilian, half-British, Afro-Brazilian Funk sound of Saravah Soul.”

The album is on the London-based TruThoughts label.